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Beyond the mandate of drafting and designing, can assume responsibility for manufacturing the equipment to deliver a finished product.
This service allows manufacturing companies to reduce their internal management over the project without affecting their ability to get the best price. For after the acceptance of the design by the client,  will ask 3 companies to bid on the equipement to be manufactured. The start-up of the equipment is the responsibility of wich is committed in delivering the best performance product at the best price.
Our mandate may also be limited to project monitoring. In this case is responsible for coordinating the various players (subcontractors, suppliers) to the objective of achieving the best cost. In this case the company is not responsible for the bidding process and equipment start-up, although it may participate as a consultant.

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Here is a summary of steps to consider before completing a project. may assist you during the consultation procedure to help you go through this process and thus frame your project to maximize profit.

1-Identify the problem. Either the lack or gap between what exists and what is desired.
2-Identify the desired result. Product or service you deliver to meet your need.
3-Evaluate the resources available to complete the project. (human, material, financial)

4-Identify resistance and adaptations for the people concerned within the company during the implementation of the project.

5-Make sure of the support of the people involved in the company before beginning the design phase and project design.To achieve this let them express themselves early in the project by offering them to participate in the initial brainstorming sessions.

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The drawing in 2 dimensions is not put aside, because the development plan is still the tool of communication between the departments of design and manufacturing. For us it is a duty to have plan set clear and precise. The experience of the team floor members  can deliver the right information on plans to facilitate processing. We respect the standards of technical drawing. We can also achieve the development plan according to your own standards. Our software allows us to create and manage files AUTOCAD. (DWG, DXF)

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For field equipment the arrival of software design in 3 dimensions marked the beginning of a new era. The designer can now further refine its design to deliver to the manufacturing department the final version of the complete project.

Using this software to better visualize the joints to optimize each component and eliminate the risk of interference. Finally, the major contribution of this technology is the ability to create and manage complex forms to streamline manufacturing processes.
Although the migration to this new technology has taken several years, no professional today put its relevance into question. Somehow the page has been turned on a bygone era.

In we use the drawing software SOLID EDGE. We can create and manage files using STEP, Parasolid, IGES and native files SOLID WORK.

The drawing in 2 dimensions is not put aside ....


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We all know that the manufacturing industry in North America more than ever must reinvent itself. We are at different levels already involved in a process of continuous improvement. Often linked to an international philosophy, lean continuous improvement requires an open mind and a questioning of our internal practices.
In collaboration with the company internal ressources, is able to conduct case studies in the aera of tooling and production equipment. Our goal, is to make sure you make the best decision to achieve your goals.
These case studies can combine, the diagnostic problems, feasibility reports and cost analysis.


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