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Over the years we have repeatedly worked on development projects dedicated to equipment. These unique facilities include several processing operations and some of the material handling processes. Their level of automation is determined in accordance with the needs of production. A machine may necessitated a human intervention for its operation while another will be completely autonomous.

Our service is particularly good in this area since a project for an equipment inevitably ask for a study phase and a few brainstorming sessions for a well established project follow-up.

It will be an asset to work initially with a research and design firm, they will offer alternatives and refine the concept before committing money to manufacture the equipment. Our approach of continuous design / validation assures customer some control over the workflow by ensuring that the equipment meets the intended needs. Finally having a complete redesign of the equipment is an advantage when negotiating a price of for manufacturing. By this approach all the players are on the same wavelength, the client, manufacturer and supplier of standard components. In the manufacturing of the XXI century there is no more room for improvisation, actions must be coordinated to effectively manage budgets and deadlines.


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